Floral beauties and space savers


Having spent much of the past few months commuting back and forth to the West Country, I haven’t got nearly as much cooking done as I would like.  So I thought I’d share a short little post of a few little things that make me smile and have kept me happy.

I have professed my love of herbs many times before on this blog, but I also love gardens and flowers in general.  Since having my own pad, I have been able to run free and put flowers everywhere.  We have a little fire escape/balcony that has turned out to be a wonderful place to have pots!  This time of year is also great to see the flowers bloom and as we’ve been picking bee friendly plants, it’s lovely to see some happy bees outside our little flat.


I realise we’re pretty luck to have any outside space at all, so it got me thinking about how I would grow plants in the smallest of spaces.  A few months ago, I visited a garden centre which had a brilliant display of ingenuity and resourcefulness – think tin cans, and old washing machines!


Seeing flowers and greenery in my home makes a real difference to me. There are so many ways you can have some greenery, even if you have the smallest of outside spaces.  Hanging baskets and wall planters are the obvious choice, and they come in all shapes and sizes – even dinosaur ones which are just plain awesome… perfect excuse to do a bit of online shopping!










If you don’t have outside space, use the windows sills! Herbs from seed are super easy to grow,  delicious and there are some great grown your own kits around!

So, next time you think about throwing your baked bean can in the recycling, think what a good home it could make for some basil or rocket! x




  1. I am sat here with two mature ladies who have difficulty in grasping the full significance of the “bean can” watering regime…dick barton

    1. Ha! It’s ‘upcycling’ – just drill a hole in the bottom of the can and you’re sorted 🙂 x

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