At a bit of a lose end today I decided to pop to the Tate Britain to have a look at the Turner exhibition. Some of his paintings as well as many others at the Tate, remind me of the dramatic sunsets and scenes you get in North Cornwall. Whenever I visit the area I’m […]

One thing I’ve noticed more this year is how mixed December can feel: stressful, exciting, tiring, long, happy, festive and more often than not frequented by a hangover from hell. So, escaping to Cornwall for 10 days over Christmas is much needed. I’ve only been here for a day, but I thought I’d put up […]

Yes folks, we’re well into the time of year for coughs, colds and the man flu that tends to inflict about half of the population.   Luckily I don’t tend to get bad colds, but last month I spent some time feeling snotty and generally quite sorry for myself. When you’re feeling poorly, you generally […]

Last weekend I escaped London for a slice of the Cornish countryside on the North coast.  As much as I love being in London (most of the time), I need to get out and spend some time in the West Country with fresh air and space!  Somerset born and bred and now London based, a […]

Ever since I very briefly mentioned steak on my last blog (in relation to my oregano and parsley pesto), I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.  Now, I’m not massively into red meat but every now and then I have a real craving for it.  Saying this, I don’t think there are many […]

Quite a while ago I splashed out on a few potted herbs for my balcony: rosemary, oregano and thyme – a few of the best culinary herbs, apart from parsley which is one of my hero herbs and is really under rated (there’s a great article from Hugh FW on parsley).  Anyway,  it soon became apparent that […]

If you’ve seen my Twitter account, you will know that I recently went to the Whole Food Market in Kensington.  The thought of venturing away from Sainsbury’s to somewhere that I can explore and eat lots of samples, was very exciting – I wasn’t disappointed! The place is basically a slightly larger and less expensive (marginally) version of […]